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Frequently Asked Questions About Fixed Price Dental


Find out what everyone is talking about.

Fixed price dental is here, no hidden extras, just professional and affordable dental treatments at a fixed low price.

What is Fixed Price Dental?

We are creating a new era of fixed price dental treatments with no hidden extras. Booking your next dental treatment with us will save up to 60% at any of our quality approved dentists across Australia. Every treatment is provided at a fixed cost, with no hidden extra fees.

How does this work?

We are re-inventing the cost of dental treatments so everyone can afford a beautiful, healthy smile for life. It’s easy:

1. We partner with Australian approved quality dental clinics that either offer all our treatments or some select treatments.

2. Once you choose the treatment that you require our online booking system will display the locations near you where this treatment is offered.

3. You then book your preferred location and appointment time from the available locations and times, pay an online deposit to confirm your appointment. (online deposit is deducted from the total treatment price)

4. Turn up to your dental appointment and start saving up to 60% off your dental treatments.

5. You pay the balance of the treatment cost (less the booking deposit) at the approved dental clinic.

6. For treatments that are more complex such as Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Dentures, Surgical extractions and Wisdom Teeth extractions your online booking fee is completely refundable to you from us if your treating dentist evaluates that you are not a suitable patient for the treatment you have booked.

7. If the treating dentist evaluates that you are not a suitable patient for the treatment you have booked for, and you need to be referred to another dentist or specialist and  the online booking fee that you paid will be fully refunded to you from us.



Who should use this service?

In one word, everyone! Our patients are people who want to:

– Have peace of mind that their essential dental treatments are covered at a low fixed price, with no hidden extra costs.

– Assurance that they are receiving quality dental treatments through an approved quality checked dental clinic

– Saving up to 60% on all of their essential dental treatments at a fixed low fee.

– Maximise their private health insurance if they have benefit limits, waiting periods, claiming and treatment exclusions

How do I know what treatments I require?
  1. Patients that regularly go to a dentist will have a treatment plan from their dentist that explains what treatment they require (if any).
  2. If you have Not been to a dentist for a long time and you are not in any pain, but what to have your teeth and oral health checked, you will book the Fixed Price Dental Check up & Clean, this includes all X-rays so you will receive a detailed treatment plan from your treating Dentist to inform you if you require any further treatment. From here you can go online and book any of the recommended treatment that you want to have. (Fixed Price Dental Check Up & Clean Appointment)
  3. If you have a filling that falls out of a tooth or you can visually see that you have decay that needs to be removed and filled, you will require a filling. You can book this treatment online and while you are at the treating Dentist they will make you aware of any other issues you may have with your teeth. It is then up to you to rebook for these treatments when it suits you. (Fixed Price Filling Appointment)
  4. if you have a tooth that has been neglected and has serious decay and you are in pain you can choose the emergency appointment for our dentists to evaluate the problem get you out of immediate pain and give you options to treat your tooth. (Fixed Price Emergency Dental Appointment)
  5. If you choose to have a tooth extracted after been advised by a dentist  this is an option to treat a problem tooth, (Fixed Price Basic Tooth Extraction Appointment) 

What Fixed Price Dental treatments do you offer ?

We concentrate on the most sought after dental treatments, these treatments cover over 90% of dental treatments that are performed in Australia as a whole. We do Dental check-up and cleans (including X-rays), all size Fillings for all teeth, we manage Dental pain, Emergency toothache appointments,  Basic tooth extractions, Dental Crowns, Zoom teeth Whitening all for an affordable fixed price.

What If I need more complex dental treatment that you do not offer?

Our Dentists can refer you to another dentist (sometimes this could be a dentist or specialist working in the same partnering clinic) that offer more complex dental treatments. Your dental X-rays and records can be transferred to the other treating dentist or specialist . We will transfer any X-rays, photos, dental notes and recommendations almost immediately to another dentist or specialist that treats more complex issues.

How do I make a booking?

All bookings must be done through our online booking system on our website. You simply choose your treatment and preferred location, and the available time that suits you. 


What if I book for 1 Filling and I find out I need more

That is fine, if your treating dentist  has time on the day of your appointment they may do the other treatments that you require, you will be charged the fixed advertised fee and this is to be paid by you directly to the dental clinic. You can also wait and rebook online and have the other treatment completed when it suits you.

What if I book for a basic tooth extraction and find out that i need a surgical extraction instead.

That is fine, if your treating dentist has time on the day of your appointment they will carry out the treatment that you require, you will be asked to pay the difference in the fee from the basic extraction to the clinics surgical extraction fee on the day of treatment (less your on-line booking fee) this is to be paid directly to the dental clinic. If you decided that you do not want to go ahead with the surgical extraction or your dentist would prefer you were referred to another dentist or specialist we will refund your online booking fee and you will not have any out of pocket expense.

I’m in a lot of pain and need an appointment ASAP?

Search a location and next available appointment through our online booking system, complete the booking steps and go to your appointment. We will get you out of pain.

Can I call to make a booking?

All appointments must be made through our online booking system. We do have live chat services if you need any help.

Can I claim my treatment on my private health insurance?

Yes!  Please don’t forget to bring along your private health insurance card, and at the end of your treatment we will claim the amount that your health fund allows through the HICAPS terminal or we will supply you with a receipt for the total amount that you have paid and you can send/take this receipt to your insurer for your refund. We accept all health funds and depending on your level of cover your refund from your insurer will cover all or most of the treatment cost.


I want to book a family member or friend, can I do this through the online booking system?

Any adult can book their children, friend or family member with our online booking system.

I have seen my dentist recently and he has said I need a lot of treatment. Can I book with you to get my treatment started?

Yes! It is ideal for you to have a check-up with one of our Dentists to confirm your necessary treatment and we can start from there. Please bring along all of your dental information from your previous dentist, and we can get started on your treatment.

My child is eligible for Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS). Can they be treated?

Sorry we do not offer treatment with payments from the government CBDS scheme (medicare child benefits scheme)

Can I cancel my appointment or change my appointment time?

To allow us to offer this unique fixed price affordable dental service we cannot offer refunds on cancelled or changed appointments. Therefore, failing to attend or arriving late for your appointment will result in you forfeiting your online booking fee.

Can I walk into one of your dental clinics to be seen or to make an appointment?

No sorry, all appointments must be made online through our booking system or through our live chat to receive Fixed Priced Dental Fees.


How do I contact your company ?

We’d love to hear from you!

Contact us via Live Chat found at the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

or Email us at info@fixeddental.com.au