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Do you want to fill your books & take your clinic to the next level?

We Send New Patients to You

We send new patients to you

Are you looking to fill vacant appointment times in your clinic or add another chair or two?  Do you want more emergency appointments?, Do you want more new patients? We supply a flow of new patients to your clinic and you spend more time being a dentist and treating your patients. You convert Fixed Price Dental patients to your loyal patient base. All of this and it costs you nothing.

Expand Your Team

Expand your team

Fixed Price Dental will fast track your patient base for a new grad Dentist, OHT or Associate Dentist.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Get ahead of your competition

Do you want a huge advantage over your competitors? We only approve a small number of dentists within a certain area. We dominate local online presence with our superior marketing strategies driving more bookings to fill your practice’s appointment books.

Secure Online Payment Gateway

Secure Online Payment Gateway

Patients can choose from our secure payment options such as Paypal or Debit/credit card for payment of booking fee, the balance is paid to you at the appointment. Say goodbye to FTA’s and cancellations, all appointments are secured and confirmed with a booking deposit that is pre-paid online.

Automated Patient Correspondence

Automated patient correspondence

We have a 24/7 online chat service to answer any questions the patient may have.

Refer In House

Refer in house

Refer your Fixed Price Dental patients to providers within your clinic for more complex treatments that you do not offer through Fixed Price Dental .

You Are In Total Control

You are in total control

You control the treatments types you want to offer, the appointment times, appointment duration, and providers, all through your clinics custom Fixed Price Dental online dashboard.

You Are In Total Control

Your clinic remains anonymous

Fixed Price Dental patients book by location and treatment required, your clinic details are only confirmed to the patient once the booking fee has been paid and the booking is confirmed.

Why Fixed Price Dental Will Work in Your Clinic?

  • We partner with professional Dental practitioners and fill their books during off-peak or quieter times, allowing you the opportunity to treatment plan more profitable treatments the patient needs, convert the Fixed Price Dental patients into one of your own loyal patients.
  • We offer fixed price dental treatments with no hidden costs to the patients.
  • Limit FTA’s and cancellations as the patient pays a booking fee online to confirm their appointment
  • We only offer on-line bookings, which includes a 365 day chat support for patients saving you expensive administration costs.
  • The opportunity to convert your existing practice into a two tier fee generating clinic, with your existing loyal patients under your clinic banner and new online generated patients under the Fixed Price Dental banner

All of this at no cost to you!

Sign up today and take your practice to the next level