Tooth coloured fillings, any size any tooth

Dental fillings may be required when a tooth has an area of decay which has become deep enough to extend beyond the tooth enamel into the inner body of the tooth. If left untreated decay can reach the nerve of the tooth, causing a painful toothache. Our Fixed Price fillings can also be used to restore damaged and broken teeth, depending on the extent of the damage.

If you have a broken or damaged tooth you would like to have repaired, book a Filling appointment. Your tooth will be assessed for the best treatment solution and if suitable will be restored to its normal shape and function at the same appointment.

Fillings that involve one, two, three or four surfaces of a single tooth without involvement of the tooth nerve are deemed simple restorations and can be completed our Fixed Price Dental Filling appointment for just $179 per tooth. This fee includes any x-rays and other diagnostic tests that may be required to assess the tooth.

If multiple teeth require fillings they can sometimes be completed in the same appointment for the fixed price fee of $179 per tooth.

Fillings involving five surfaces of a single tooth may need a more complex solution such as a ceramic crown or a lab-made filling, which is not included in our Fixed Price Filling appointment fee. If you have a tooth requiring a large (5 surface) filling we will refer you to a trusted dentist close by.

You can maintain the natural aesthetics of your smile with a composite tooth-coloured filling. There are various materials available which can make up a filling, but it’s a composite filling which provides the closest match with your teeth’s natural appearance. These can be used on teeth which have been fractured or have been damaged from decay. When filling a cavity which has been created due to decay, the infected area is cleaned out, then filled. The material is placed directly in the cavity or onto the tooth, where it will set. Further damage is prevented by filling the hole and stopping bacteria from spreading further into the tooth.

Our Fixed Price Filling will save you $$$$$

Average tooth filling cost

One surface filling $180+
Two surface filling $200+
Three surface filling $230+
Four surface filling $290+
Five surface filling $350+

Our Fixed Price is Only $179

White fillings

One of the most common dental procedures is filling a cavity. Most people, even with great oral health, develop cavities. Fillings are the practice of restoring a damaged tooth by replacing decayed parts with new material.

There are many types of fillings on the market. White fillings are a mix of plastic and glass materials and are often chosen for their ability to blend with our natural tooth colour. The dentist bonds the filling directly to your affected tooth. Then, the dentist carefully shapes and colours the filling to match perfectly with the surrounding natural teeth.