Root Canal Treatment

To receive the Fixed Price Dental fee for Root Canal Treatment, you will be required to book a Root Canal Consultation with a Fixed Dental Clinic so that our Dentist can determine you are suitable for Root Canal Treatment.

Once your Dentist has determined if your tooth is suitable for root canal therapy the fixed price fee for a front tooth is $699 for a premolar is $799 and for a molar tooth (back tooth) $999.

The average cost of Root Canal Therapy in Australia is $1100 for front teeth or premolars and $1700 for molar teeth (back teeth), so you will save $$$$ with Fixed Price Dental.

Root canal treatment is a fairly straight forward procedure. We recommend it when a patient’s teeth have suffered internal damage or infection. The root canal procedure involves removing the tooth’s pulp and replacing it with a filling. Also known as endodontic treatment. Our fixed price root canal treatment will save you up to 60%.

Why Get A Root Canal?

It’s quite common to ask, “Is it necessary to get endodontic treatment?” Or, “What would happen if you leave a root canal untreated?” Your tooth cannot heal by itself. If left untreated, the infection could lead to:

  • An abscess forming at the root of the tooth

  • Deterioration of the underlying bone tissue

  • Severe pain

  • Delaying treatment for too long can make it impossible for your dentist to save your tooth