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A diagram of a tooth crown implanted in a mouth

Tooth Implant Including Crown

Fixed Price Single Implants $3990



You will be required to book online a $40 consultation first with one of our Fixed Price Dental Clinics so that our Dentist can determine if you are suitable for this procedure.


Single Tooth Implants 

Fixed Price single tooth implants are a suitable solution when damage is isolated to a single tooth. In such a situation, it is preferred to retain the surrounding natural teeth wherever possible, rather than removing healthy teeth unnecessarily.

Single tooth implants are permanent. Designed to replicate your natural teeth and blend into your smile, single tooth implants are a great solution for dental issues that are limited to single teeth.

The implant itself is a titanium rod, anchored directly into the jawline. Then on top of the rod, prosthetic tooth, crown or bridge is attached. In addition to looking and functioning like a natural tooth, a single tooth dental implant will replace the root, helping to preserve the surrounding bone.

 Average dental implant cost in Australia is ($4500 – $7500+)


Fixed Price Dental Single Implant $3990 each inc crown.