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Local affordable Telopea dentist

Are you looking for the original and the best fixed price dental in Telopea? Our local Telopea dental clinic provides quality dental care to the community and patients. If you are seeking gentle, affordable dental treatments and flexible appointment times book online with Fixed Price Dental or download our mobile app.

Our highly qualified professionals perform cheap dental treatments in modern facilities equipped with the most advanced technology without compromising service or quality. Our Fixed Price Dental Telopea dental surgery is here to provide you with quality affordable low cost dental treatments in a pleasant and clean environment.

Low cost dental care in Telopea

We know that many Australians avoid the dentist because it’s too expensive, and there are hidden costs that they aren’t prepared for when the bill arrives.

So, we have designed Fixed Price Dental to be as affordable as possible – with no hidden fees.

Our Telopea dental clinic is an accredited health provider. That means you can claim our fees from your private health insurance policy. We all know that dental expenses can stack up, eating through your policy cover quickly! The good news is with Fixed Price Dental affordable dental treatments you’ll find you’ll have more of your dental cover left – for when you need it.

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