Need to remove Decayed or Complex teeth?


By taking an x-ray and examining your tooth, your dentist can usually determine whether or not your extraction will be simple or surgical, but there are times when a simple extraction turns into a surgical.

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Surgical Tooth Extraction includes:

  • Oral examination

  • 2 x-rays

  • Surgical removal of tooth

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does a Surgical Tooth Extraction cost?

    Fixed Price Dental offers Surgical Tooth Extractions for $349! You can find all prices near you and compare them. Click Book Now, select Surgical Tooth Extraction, and enter your suburb or postcode. You will be presented with locations near you and the prices they are offering!

  • How long does a Surgical Tooth Extraction take?

    A surgical tooth extraction can take up to an hour or more to complete, depending on various factors such as the location and complexity of the tooth.

  • Is a Surgical Tooth Extraction Painful?

    Surgical tooth extraction may cause some discomfort or pain, but typically, the procedure itself is not painful since the area around the tooth will be numb due to the local anesthesia. You may feel some pressure or movement as the dentist or oral surgeon removes the tooth, but this should not be painful. After the surgery, you may experience some discomfort or pain as the anesthesia wears off and the area begins to heal. However, your dentist or oral surgeon will typically prescribe pain medications or recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to help manage any pain or discomfort. It is important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by the dentist or oral surgeon and to contact them if you experience severe or persistent pain or other complications.

  • What are some reasons for a Surgical Tooth Extraction?

    If a tooth breaks off during the procedure, for instance, it may need to be taken out in pieces. Removing severely broken down teeth, root tips or teeth with long-curved roots are examples of surgical extractions. Then there are times when the bone around a tooth has become dense, resulting in the need for surgical treatment.

  • What's the difference between a Simple and Surgical Extraction?

    When a tooth is visible above the gum line and your dentist can easily remove it with forceps, the procedure is called a simple or basic extraction. If a more volatile tooth has yet to grow in, however, your dentist needs to remove gum tissue or bone to extract it. This is called a surgical extraction and requires stitches to close the site so that it can heal properly. The Dentist may also prescribe a more specific pain medication following the procedure.

  • What Dental Item Codes are included in our Surgical Tooth Extraction?

    013 Oral examination – limited x 1
    022 Intraoral radiograph – per exposure x 2 (if needed)
    314 Sectional removal of a tooth or part(s) thereof x 1 or;
    322 Surgical removal of a tooth or tooth fragment not requiring removal of bone or tooth division x 1 or;
    324 Surgical removal of a tooth or tooth fragment requiring bone removal and/or tooth division x 1

  • Where is Fixed Price Dental based?

    We partner with existing professional dental clinics all across Australia that provide you with quality dental services. To find your nearest dentist use the Book Now button.

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