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Zoom Professional teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dental treatment. Its primary purpose is to restore whiteness to your teeth and brilliance to your smile. Modern teeth whitening procedures are quick and have immediate and noticeable outcomes. Fixed Price Zoom Teeth Whitening can be performed at your approvedFixed Price Dental clinics in just 60 mins.

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Zoom Teeth Whitening includes:

  • Oral examination

  • Philips Zoom in-chair whitening

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does Zoom Teeth Whitening cost?

    Fixed Price Dental offers Zoom Teeth Whitening for $499! You can find all prices near you and compare them. Click Book Now, select Zoom Teeth Whitening, and enter your suburb or postcode. You will be presented with locations near you and the prices they are offering!

  • How long does Teeth Whitening last?

    The duration of teeth whitening results can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the specific treatment used, the individual's oral hygiene habits, and their diet and lifestyle choices. In general, the effects of teeth whitening can last anywhere from several months to a few years. However, it is common for the brightness of the teeth to gradually fade over time, especially if the individual continues to consume staining foods and drinks or uses tobacco products. Regular touch-up treatments or touch-up at-home kits can help maintain the brightness of the teeth for longer. It is important to consult with a dentist before undergoing any teeth whitening treatment to determine the best approach for individual needs and to discuss expected outcomes and maintenance.

  • Why would I want Zoom Teeth Whitening?

    Zoom is a bleaching process widely used throughout the country and around the world to lighten discolouration of enamel and dentin. Tooth discolouration may result from drinking coffee, tea, cola and red wine; or from smoking. The aging process also can stain and darken your teeth. The Zoom in-office tooth whitening procedure uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp - said to accelerate the bleaching process - to activate the 25 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening. As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained substances, leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.

  • How long after Teeth Whitening can I eat?

    The time you should wait to eat after teeth whitening can vary depending on the specific treatment used, as well as your individual dental health and sensitivity. In general, it is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour after a teeth whitening treatment before eating or drinking anything, especially staining foods or drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, or dark-colored juices. This is because the teeth may be more porous and susceptible to staining immediately after a whitening treatment. Some dentists may recommend waiting longer, such as 24-48 hours, to ensure optimal results and minimize the risk of staining. It is important to follow the specific instructions given by your dentist or the manufacturer of any at-home whitening products to ensure the best results and avoid any potential complications.

  • What happens before Zoom Teeth Whitening?

    Before deciding whether Zoom in-office teeth whitening is right for you, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to ensure proper health, as well as talk with you about your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits to determine if you will benefit from whitening. This will help you and your dentist agree on the whitening product or technique that’s best for you.

    Your dentist also may require you to undergo whitening if you are planning other cosmetic dental procedures, such as veneers or composite bonding, in order to ensure a better match between the restoration and your natural dentition, or after the removal of braces. Depending on the condition of your teeth and your goals for changing the look of your smile, whitening may not be your best option.

    During your consultation and evaluation, your dentist also will note existing dental work, such as crowns and veneers, which will not respond to conventional whitening agents.

  • What happens during Zoom Teeth Whitening?

    The complete procedure takes less than an hour, but a regular teeth cleaning is recommended prior to the actual Zoom teeth whitening session. The procedure begins with a short preparation to cover the lips and gums, leaving the teeth exposed. The dentist or dental assistant then applies the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which works together with the Zoom light to penetrate the teeth and break up the stains and discolouration. The gel remains in place for 15 minutes while the light is activated. During this time, you can relax, watch TV or listen to music.

    The gel is applied for three 15-minute sessions of light activation, for a total treatment time of 45 minutes. Individuals with a strong gag reflex or anxiety may have difficulty undergoing the entire procedure. Immediately afterwards, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel is applied to the teeth.

  • What happens after Zoom Teeth Whitening?

    To help maintain the whitening effects of your treatment, your dentist may advise you to avoid certain foods and beverages or consume them in moderation to avoid staining your teeth. This includes tea, coffee, red wine, cola, etc.

    Additionally, tobacco products will stain teeth, even after whitening treatments. As such, your dentist will suggest you quit using them. Maintain an appropriate oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) regimen to prevent stains from reforming, and see your dentist and hygienist regularly for scheduled teeth cleanings.

    Toothpaste containing whitening agents also may be suggested by your dentist to maintain the results of the procedure.

  • What Dental Item Codes are included in our Zoom Teeth Whitening?

    013 Oral examination – limited x 1
    118 Bleaching, external – per tooth x number of teeth

  • Where is Fixed Price Dental based?

    We partner with existing professional dental clinics all across Australia that provide you with quality dental services. To find your nearest dentist use the Book Now button.

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