Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth often face surgical extraction because they’re usually impacted, meaning they are not completely erupted into the mouth. If you require your Wisdom teeth extracted, book online with Budget Smiles and we will look after you.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the molars positioned farthest back in our mouths. We all have four wisdom teeth and they are the last ones to develop. Some people’s wisdom teeth never erupt, and others simply don’t have the room in their jaws to accommodate them. When there’s not enough space, or if the teeth don’t emerge, we need to have a dentist extract them.

A minor surgical procedure is required to remove wisdom teeth.

  • After the application of anaesthesia, the dentist will slightly trim the dense bone surrounding the tooth

  • Then the tooth is sectioned and removed in several pieces to preserve as much bone as possible and prevent nerve damage

  • Post-procedure, swelling will occur, so the dentist will provide medications and guidelines to ensure healthy healing

The average cost for Wisdom tooth Removal is ($550 to $750+)

Fixed Price Dental Only – $349 inc x-rays