What You Need to Know about Root Canal Therapy

What You Need to Know about Root Canal Therapy

You may know that you have had a problem with one tooth for a while now.

When the dentist said that they needed to perform root canal therapy on your troubled tooth, this has likely left you surprised and wondering exactly what this treatment means, how it will work and how you will afford it.

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What is root canal therapy?

Root canal treatment is a therapy used by your dentist as a way to save a tooth which is dead or dying.

It might have dead pulp, or a severe infection, and root canal is used to preserve the tooth in your mouth and stop its infection from spreading to other teeth nearby.

Why is it needed?

A dentist will usually recommend root canal therapy if the tooth is in an important position in your mouth, such as the front, and so extraction is not the best option.

It is mainly cosmetic and is designed to retain the tooth while removing all of the infectious material in the tooth and gum.

What does it involve?

The dentist will numb your mouth with an anaesthetic, and then will remove all of the infected area, or extract the dead pulp from the root area of the tooth, hence why it is called a root canal.

The dentist will then clean and seal off the root canal, meaning that there is no risk of further infection.

After treatment

When you have had root canal therapy you may feel some tenderness and soreness once your anaesthetic wears off.

You may take painkillers, and the recovery time tends to be only a few days, leaving you with a pain-free tooth after it has completely healed.

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