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.Dentist FAQs

Some frequently asked questions we receive from Dentists.

How is Fixed Priced Dental Different From Other Online Booking Sites, Such as Health Engine?

We don’t charge the dental practice upfront payments to use our online booking portal or software, we also do not charge the dental practice when a patient books into your clinic.

What makes Fixed Price Dental different to 99dental or other discount dental practices?

We partner with existing dental clinics to provide the services, we work with already well established and reputable dental clinics that are in very competitive areas to help provide them with a flow of new patients, allowing them the opportunity to treat and treatment plan more patients and grow their existing patient base. 

Why would I want to register my dental clinic with Fixed Price Dental?

The dental industry in Australia is very competitive, there are dental clinics on every street corner in the suburbs and CBD areas, large corporations and health Funds are opening clinics throughout these areas, they have the advantage of being preferred providers for many if not all of the major health insurance companies.

If your clinic is in one of these heavily competitive areas Fixed Price Dental is here to help you get the edge over your competition. We only approve a selected number of dentists/clinics per area hence we keep Fixed Price Dental more exclusive.

We all know as dentists and dental clinic owners that new patients are the life blood of our clinics, new patients allow us to treatment plan and manage their ongoing oral health.

Do you approve every dental clinic that wants to register

We only approve a selected number of Dentists/Clinics per area hence we keep Fixed Price Dental more exclusive.

Do i need to change the name of my clinic or display Fixed Price Dental signs or advertising?

No, we do not advertise your clinic name on our website, we provide patients with a list of suburbs that we have approved Fixed Price Dental clinics in and they choose the location that is handy to them that has appointment availability (and provides the treatment they require).

This allows you to provide service to your already loyal patient base and to new patients through Fixed Price Dental. Once the patient books and confirms their appointment the address and contact details of your clinic is provided to them.

Should i try to convert the Fixed Price Dental patient into a regular patient to my practice?

Yes, of coarse most patients want to go back to a Dentist and clinic they feel comfortable with, once the patient presents for their Fixed Price Dental appointment they will be entered into your dental clinic operating software as they were a new patient to your clinic, they will then receive emails, text and reminder calls from your clinic if they have consented to this when filling out the new patient form in your clinic.

What marketing does Fixed Price Dental do to encourage patients to visit the Fixed Price Dental website to book appointments?

Fixed Price Dental main focus is marketing, we will look after all of the marketing, all you need to do is treat the patients that we send you and hopefully these patients will become long term loyal patients of your clinic.

We market heavily on google ads, local SEO and  all social media platforms with local radio and television ads to follow.

What support do i receive from the Fixed Price Dental team?

Once you sign up and are approved we will contact your clinic and train you and your staff how to use our admin portal. We will work with your team to train them, we also have tutorial videos on our portal for you to use to train new staff or refresh you and your staff on our system. We have technical support staff that will answer any questions you have.

What booking fee is charged to patient?

We charge the patient a $40 booking fee for each booking, if there are multiple treatments booked at one time the patient still only pays $40 for that booking. The booking fee that the patient pays comes off the advertised fixed price of the treatment and the patient pays you the balance when the appointment is finished.

Can I alter the fees if I wish?

No you cannot alter the advertised fee, However if the patient requires any further treatment that your clinic does not offer through  Fixed Dental, you may quote the patient the fees for that procedure. 

Does the Fixed Price Dental system integrate with our practice software ?

We are working with dental software companies so that we can offer integration in the future.

What's the cost to my Dental practice to use Fixed Price Dental?

There are no set up costs or ongoing costs to you or your Dental practice

If there is any changes to fees or to the Fixed Price Dental website do we get notified?

We you will notified on any changes and you will receive regular updates.


What happens to the booking fee if a patient cancels to fails to attend their appointment?

We charge the patient a booking fee, this booking fee comes off the total price of the treatment they have booked for. Your clinic receives the balance of the treatment fee ( less the booking fee) on the day of treatment from the patient.

Our terms and conditions with the patient does not allow them to cancel or reschedule thier appointment. We find that our FTA   rates are extremely low as the patient has paid the booking fee.

Fixed Dental does not refund the booking fee to the patient or pay this fee to the Dental clinic if the patient fails to attend the appointment.

What settings can I make on the Fixed Price Dental practice dashboard

you can set up multiple practitioners in the Fixed Price Dental practice dashboard, the dashboard allows you to set the type of treatment you want each practitioner to offer through Fixed Price Dental, you can also set available times and days, length of time needed for each treatment and set what payment plans your clinic accepts.

What if I don't want to offer all of the Fixed Price Dental services at my clinic?

Another unique feature about Fixed Price Dental is that we give you, , the practitioner full control of what services you want to provide. In our custom portal you can choose which services you want to provide and you can disable all others services that you do not wish to offer.

Can I do a different fee level structure on my current software, to assist my staff so there is no mistakes with charges?

Yes you can create your own fee structure for Fixed Dental in your software. Similar to what you do for DVA, CDBS or Health fund patients.

Do you provide a monthly report on the number of patients we received through Fixed Price Dental?

Yes we provide a report every month detailing the number of patients and treatment analysis that you’re practice received from Fixed Price Dental.

how does the patient claim the treatment on private health insurance?

At the end of the treatment when the patient pays the balance of the treatment cost to your clinic, you can claim the amount that the health fund allows through the HICAPS terminal using the dental item codes (as per Fixed Price Dental T&C’s)  or supply the patient with a receipt for the total amount including the booking fee, the patient can then take this receipt to their insurer for a refund.



How do I know when I have received a booking

The practice will receive an email with all of the patients details, enter these details straight into your practice management software and the patient is all yours.